Nang Rong Group

The meeting has move from Nang Rong Hospital to the Nang Rong District Public Health Office.  It is just around the corner from hospital on next major street (Rt. 2073) and on the west side of the street. Contact List: Chompoo-Thai (083 3666463)/  Aaron-English (080-698-5796)

Nang Rong District Public Health Office
Hwy 2073
Nang Rong , Buri Ram
Buri Ram
Taxi Instructions:
Meeting Day: 
Meeting Start Time: 
1000 hrs
Meeting Type: 
Leaders Choice
Contact Name: 
Chompoo-Thai /Aaron - English /
Contact Number: 
08 3366 6463 Thai/ 08 0698 5796 Eng
Meeting Language: 

All Meetings at this Location

Day of Week Meeting Start Time Meeting Type Open/Closed Language
Wednesday 1000 hrs Leaders Choice Open English, Thai


Jomtienin Päiväryhmä 1.11 - 29.2 Välisenä Aikana Group meeting time has changed to Saturday @ 16:00.
The Nang Rong Group has moved from the Hospital to Nang Rong District Public Health Office. 

22,23,24 February, 2019
A-One Pattaya Beach Hotel

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